The WordPress lightbox
with social attitude

The only one 100% safe and super fast
WordPress lightbox social


EverlightBox is a WordPress lightbox plugin totally free. It works like a charm on mobile devices and it's able to engage visitors by letting them share and comment your photos.

  • Mobile ready
    Users can swipe photos with simple gestures.
  • Social sharing
    Let people share your photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, Tumblr and Houzz.
  • Comments
    Users can comments each single image.
  • Fast & safe
    EverlightBox is extremely fast and safe!

Who did it?

EverlightBox was quite proudly made by
Diego Imbriani aka GreenTreeLabs [ ]

Diego Imbriani - GreenTreeLabs
Diego Imbriani

GreenTreeLabs owner

I started typing random code when I was 6. At that time I had my first home computer: a super cool Commodore 16 😎 !
I never stopped playing with code, I learnt several languages by myself like: C, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C# and PHP.

Since 2015 I started my own web agency: GreenTreeLabs. I develop custom websites using Morpho (my own CMS) and I also (especially) make and sell WordPress galleries like:

(Yes, I like image galleries 😁 )

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